Our testimonials

“We started with first aircraft installed in November 2014 and we have full fleet installed since October 2016. For Iberia Express IMMFLY provides excellent service, technical knowledge & IFE solution together with flexibility/innovation; we have improved usability, look & feel and contents since the beginning of the project significantly."

“One of the key reasons that brought us to partner with Immfly was its unique operations management value proposition, which leaves the airline a margin of any manoeuvre. We are confident that by using their proven technology we can deliver the best possible and most reliable experience in the air.”

“The platform’ scalability played a major role in the decision process. Offering XL Cloud marks the completion of a major project destined to improve customer experience through breakthrough technologies, and we chose Immfly’s pioneering solution as a key player to help us make this possible”.

"We are very excited to implement Immfly’s entertainment platform on board, since it will improve our passengers’ experience and will differentiate us from our competitors".

“We are delighted to be collaborating with innovative partners such as Immfly who are providing the unique easyJet portal with a dedicated customer support team, ensuring that easyJet crew are able to continue conducting an excellent standard of safety-focused service and on-board hospitality. ‘Air Time’ will allow us for the first time to offer customers in-flight entertainment in a way that replicates how they consume their media at home.”

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