Madrid, November 2015 — Relax, zombies and secrets? Get to know another side of Madrid. If you’re not careful, Madrid can be a crazy city. Almost wild. Like a possessive love. As you land, you can be for 24 hours a day swept into it.

We want to make your life easier. Take it calmly and choose from these options. We have found 3 magnificent (and varied) options to get distracted, but without falling into the urban madness.

[codepeople-post-map]Jacuzzi for couples – Auditorium Spa (Calle de Suero de QuiA�ones, 22)
Sometimes you just have to say enough. Enough routine. Long live the relaxation. We must find time for pleasure. Here we suggest this spa, next to the Auditorium of Madrid. Ita��s medium-sized but very well built, nicely decorated. Welcoming. We recommend the jacuzzi for couples. You will be in intimacy. 50 minutes at the perfect temperature and the problems will evaporate to make space for passion.
Price: Here’s a 50% discount. It costs 17.50 a��.

Zombies Game – Room Escape Adventures (Cabestreros, 3)
One of the hottest activities in Madrid right now. Prepare to be locked in a room with up to 11 people and a zombie who is chained to the wall. There is a hidden key in the room to open the door. To find the key you will have to find various clues and solve some puzzles. Are you in?
Price: Discount to 18 a��. Normal price 30.50 a��.

Tour on another side of Madrid – Trivium Tours Toledo (Plaza Mayor)
Follow a historian through the city center and you’ll learn the most shameful secrets of Madrid. Mystery, enigmas, unpublished developments for a 1h30 tour.
Price: 8 a�� per person. Half the regular price.

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