“Web-based DRM” is a technology that protects media content from being stolen or copied from bad-users. The main advantage of DRM (Digital Rights Management) is the guarantee of displaying and delivering media contents in an absolutely protected transmission, preserving the 100% of the intellectual property rights. Whoever has DRM developed is able to guarantee safety to its potential future content providers.

Barcelona, 9th May 2018.

Web-based DRM can be applied in two different environments – browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari among others, can be accessed from Android and iOS devices, respectively called by Widevine DRM and Fairplay DRM.

Due to the fact the web is inherently open and public, it’s a must to have protection systems for our digital media, concretely our wide variety of TV shows and movies. These technologies provide us with a way to deliver content to our users, in a controlled environment, even if passengers or users are using their own devices. This controlled environment allows to distribute encrypted content along with encrypted keys, protecting the content from end to end, meaning the content will be delivered, received and processed 100% protected. The decryption of the media is performed in a secure, well-trusted place, where the user can’t access. This scenario is extremely valuable because even if the encrypted content is intercepted, with the encrypted key, everything will be useless since users can’t access the trusted place where it is played.

Web-based DRM technologies generate new deals: as we can guarantee the content we deliver is fully protected with the industry standards, content providers are now more confident with our platform. Furthermore, this endows any in-flight digital services provider to constantly improve its media content offer: wider in quantity and better in quality. In the end, passengers will be able to always enjoy the freshest contents, meaning the most recent released in the market, and they can visualize them via web-browsers, a much easier way when compared to the past where it was the need to download an app.

Last month in Immfly we’ve totally covered our media content in terms of security. Besides the previous Widevine DRM implementation on Android systems, we have now developed a new DRM – Fairplay – operational in the entire iOS environment. Our focus is based on the web platform, and since we are helped by these technologies, we’re allowed to provide the best contents with the maximum degree of confidence and security, without the need to develop or download an APP for this purpose. This way it is created a confidence chain between the content generators and distributors.

“The implementation of these technologies on our digital platform, in the timings that occurred, has lead us to be at our industry’s front-line being the first ones in the market offering a full web-based DRM platform. This will be a very beneficial tool that preserves the intellectual property and hence, help us to contribute to the creation of new and better content”, explains Isaac Gallego, Back-End Developer at Immfly.

Written by Isaac Gallego, Back-end Developer at Immfly