Barcelona, 22th January 2019. Iberia Express, the first partner to launch Immfly’s Inflight Entertainment (IFE) & Digital Services platform, has released statistics showing how the partnership has positively impacted its Net Promoter Score (NPS).

In 2014, Immfly’s IFE and Digital Services platform was installed on the first Iberia Express aircraft and launched with the name Club Express Onboard (CXO). The system has since installed in the full Iberia Express fleet.

Users of the system complete an online survey after the flight. Results from the past three years have been analyzed to provide insights into how Immfly’s platform has influenced the evolution of passenger satisfaction.

In 2016, Iberia Express asked passengers a general question to verify platform use and overall satisfaction with Immfly’s IFE and Digital Services platform. From the beginning, a significant share of respondents, 31.6%, gave the platform a top three score (scoring the service an 8, 9, or 10 out of 10), with a Perceived Level of Quality (PLQ) of 5.4 out of 10.

In marketing-speak, passengers giving the CXO system a Top 3 score are described as platform “fans”. Within 12 months, 2017 survey results showed platform fans were on the increase, up to 35.5%, and PLQ scoring rose to 5.8. The survey was also expanded to include questions on usability and content.

By 2018, the survey grew to include responses from over 10,000 passengers, and the positive trend in the share of highly satisfied platform fans continued, with 44.5% now giving Immfly’s platform top marks and PLQ reaching 6.1. In addition, both usability and content metrics saw significant percentage-point increases with differences of up to +15ppts in a single year, following continuous improvement efforts in partnership with Iberia Express. Perhaps most interestingly, the overall NPS of platform users is higher than those who don’t log into the platform, which is reflected in their positive qualitative feedback that flights seem shorter when they can enjoy a movie or keep up-to-date with daily news.

Passengers are very happy with the increased content available on the platform, and their customer scores reflect that improvement. As a consequence, they are spending an average of 50 minutes per flight on the platform, an increase from the previous 30 minutes. In particular, our customers love the selection of films and TV shows”, added Paloma Cabañas, Head of Customer Experience and Inflight Services in Iberia Express.

Our vision has always been to enhance our reputation as a world-class entertainment and services partner which is recognised for its innovation, dynamism and ability to customise the IFE experience” explained Julia Maruny, Head of Content at Immfly. “We are constantly seeking new ways to break ground and introduce new entertainment formats to improve passenger satisfaction. Just recently we have added the new Sports channel in Iberia Express which has been well-received by the platform’s users”.

About Immfly:

Immfly is an award winning provider of Connected Digital Services and Best in Class IFE.

Immfly started by disrupting the traditional inflight entertainment industry with its innovative platform, enabling airlines to broadcast channels and services including video on demand, at excellent streaming speeds, directly on passenger devices. The company now provides an expanded range of digital services which include compelling content portfolios packed with prime entertainment, innovative commercialisation channels and functionalities for valuable operational efficiencies. All of Immfly’s services are available for rapid deployment, regardless of whether aircraft are equipped with external internet connectivity. Airlines can immediately benefit from enhanced passenger experience, smarter operations and significant new revenue streams.

Immfly is the first and only company to make IFE profitable and leads the industry with expertise in revenue generation through onboard digital services. Airlines are no longer required to invest in expensive seat back systems which weigh down aircraft and balance sheets with heavy systems that tend to be costly to maintain. Immfly provides dynamic, content-rich, connected digital platforms which eliminate weight and costs while providing profitable new ancillary revenue streams.

The company’s digital services and Best in Class IFE products are designed to span the entire customer journey with a strategic vision of an emerging fully connected environment. Immfly’s platforms are hardware agnostic, designed to run on line-fit, and industry compliant fixed or portable systems. Hardware options also include Immfly’s own higher spec plug in portable technology for rapid fleet roll out.

Immfly S.L. is a global company headquartered in Barcelona serving full service, low cost and regional airlines with a total reach of 55 million passengers covering +250 destinations across Europe, Asia, N & S America.

For more information about Immfly:

Tel. +34 935 991 913