Santiago de Compostela, November 2015 — One of the greatest pleasures of the St. Jamesa�� Way is to finish it. The satisfaction of mission accomplished. The homework done. Whatever the distance you have traveled, reaching the Plaza del Obradoiro is a true achievement. Congratulations!

All achievements deserve a reward. And we have one. It is a reward for your feet. We tried an experience on location that we would like to share with you. Total relaxation.

The Pilgrim Spa Circuit at Espagat
Testing date: 29 August 2015
Place: Santiago de Compostela
Price: 24,90 a�� for one session. We saw they offer it on Atrapalo for 17,90a��
Evaluation (from 1 to 10): 7
Sensation: 10
Service: 8
Savings: 5

Note: After a good walk, you finally get to Santiago and this circuit comes in super handy. Youa��ll lavish in it. An hour and a half and your batteries are loaded again. Massage pool with treatment jets for specific areas, a jacuzzi, Turkish bath, Finnish sauna, Roman baths, foot spa, hot & cold showers, scented showers…

Address: Espagat. Fernando III EL Santo, 12 bajo, Santiago. Phone: 981 591 883

Tripadvisor Reputation: several media (including the travel section of Spanish newspaper El Pais) recommend it as a great experience for pilgrims.

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