Madrid, February 2016 — Travelling is great. We all know that. Going places, exploring the city, strolling on the streets, getting into a museum, having a glass of wine. Again, all this is great. In fact, ita��s recommended for your health. But, as they say, you dona��t lose anything by being polite…

Because visiting Madrid for an entire day can leave your feet knackered. The feet and the mind. You have to stop and think. Your body also deserves a reward. Thata��s why we suggest a break from your walk and a visit to Hamman al Andalus, an Arab bath next to Puerta del Sol. They are a traditional place and are located on the ruins of an ancient cistern, a few meters from the central Puerta del Sol, in the Almudena neighborhood (former Al Mudaina) next to the Moorish ruins (C / Atocha, 14).

Ita��s a Moorish-style building, and what they do is lead you through a journey full of water contrasting therapies at different temperatures, offering relaxation and promoting circulation. A cozy, delightful atmosphere. The area with cold water (bayt al-barid, with a temperature of 18A�C) is ideal after the steam room, and then there are rooms with warm or lukewarm water (bayt al-bastani, 36A?C) and warm water (bayt as-sajun, 40A?C).

How to book: we suggest this offer with a great value for price: entry ticket and 15-minute massage.


By the Travel 361A? Immfly team.
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