The first overnight installation was performed in a Volotea’s A-319 by the Immfly operations team, without any operational costs.

Immfly, who is at the heart of the digital entertainment and services industry actively flying for more than one year, responds to the industry demands and proved that it is capable to provide installations in just one night for its fixed wireless hardware solution, which allows airlines to efficiently and cost effectively implement wireless IFE hardware’s in their aircraft. The solution, currently flying with Iberia Express and entering other airlines in Europe and LATAM, has achieved an industry first with a new approach to aircraft modifications, which removes operational costs. Through this new achievement, Immfly accelerates its product implementation in any kind of fleet, and the aircraft does not exit revenue services at all.

The first overnight installation was performed in a Volotea’s A-319 EI-FMT by the Immfly operations team, who completed it in the early morning of Friday the 27th of May at Nantes airport. The installation started at 21.30 pm and finalized at 5.30 am, at record-breaking speed.

“The ability to install faster is key to implement wireless systems quickly and successfully in full fleets. Therefore, we took the opportunity of partnering with Volotea to prove that our system could be installed in only 8 hours”, said Alfredo Ibáñez, CTO at Immfly.

Alex de Jesús, CIO at Volotea, commented that “the implementation of the system was successfully completed without involving any operational costs for us; the aircraft was equipped and ready to fly on the next morning without any impact on its schedule or routes.”

Thus far, installing these kind of fixed solutions may take between three and five days. Moreover, most in-flight wireless systems must be installed while doing other maintenances, or whilst in the factory on line fit, so that it is ready from day one. To help reduce the downtime in the installation process, the industry is working hard towards optimised installation times.

The first step in bringing Wi-Fi to the aircraft is getting EASA to approve any piece of equipment to be installed onto an aircraft and used in the wireless system. Once the regulatory hurdles are cleared, the physical aircraft installation takes place. The new operational achievement upgrades the Immfly commercial offering by accelerating timings and bringing the possibility to immediately start installing a full fleet after coming to an agreement.

About Immfly
Headquartered in Barcelona, Immfly was founded in 2013 with the support of more than 50 influential multinational partners. Immfly helps airlines successfully fulfill their digital aspirations from the company’s advanced in-flight digital solutions that increase customer loyalty by boosting Net Promoter Scores amongst passengers and helping create new ancillary revenues via platform sponsorship and e-commerce services. Immfly’s goal is to be the preferred monetization service platform for the travel industry, reaching 100 million yearly connected on-board passengers by 2018.


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