Our product

We take care of hardware provision, software development, content sourcing and data reporting

Our hardware

According to the airline’s needs, we develop two types of solutions from key hardware providers to ensure technical excellence.

Fixed solution

  • ROI guaranteed
  • Premium Customer Experience
  • Installation completed in one overnight
  • Data Sync automatically upon landing
  • No operational costs

Connectivity ready

We take care of all the necessary certifications

Portable solution

  • Data sync at battery charge or via 4G
  • Multiple content delivery
  • No STC required
  • No installation required
  • Daily battery charge needed

Our software

Immfly focuses on delivering quality, tailored, content-rich platforms designed with clear marketing & revenue optimisation objectives.

Entertainment modules

Modules customised to meet ancillary priorities.

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  • Movies Copy Created with Sketch. Movies
  • TV Shows Copy 2 Created with Sketch. TV Shows
  • Documentaries Copy Created with Sketch. Documentaries
  • Travel Guides Copy 2 Created with Sketch. Travel Guides
  • Music Copy Created with Sketch. Music
  • Games Copy 2 Created with Sketch. Games

Licensing, distribution and continuous upgrade of content.

Content adapted to international and local languages.

Available services such as encoding, subtitling and metadata management.

On-board sales

Shopping platform featuring our network of directly contracted destination and third party providers.


Flight info

and tracking

Now with an updated look our flight info and tracking section allows to check the outside temperature, speed and altitude of the aircraft.



Exhaustive and continuous data analysis driven to guarantee revenue optimisation, enhanced business performance and improve passenger experience.


It is in our company DNA, along with creativity, specialisation and quality. Our R&D projects, built on technological and content innovations, keep us ahead in the market.