Europe, February 2016 – Any excuse works when it’s about grabbing the suitcase and running away from the daily routine. Honestly, there are tons of reasons to travel: new airline routes, unknown destinations, museums, hobbies of all kinds, even eating at a good restaurant. But today we’ll focus on one of these excuses: the show.

“Billy Elliot” in London – an exciting musical. A good idea to go with the family. A story well known for its movie version. Set in a traditional mining community in northwest England, a young boy called Billy Elliot dreams of being a dancer. Despite the drawbacks, the passion he feels for music pushes Billy Elliot’s strength and vocation. You can see it at the Victoria Palace Theatre in London. Music composed by Elton John himself. The quality is assured.

A “Moulin Rouge” show in Paris – in the heart of the city. Probably the place in the city with the highest concentration of good energy. It’s like diving into a different world. Lights, color, characters, costumes, the cancan, the dancers… One of the most tempting and sensual shows,  with a great history, that you can see today.

“Boom Chicago” in Amsterdam – a highly acclaimed show in Amsterdam. Laughing out loud guaranteed. An improvised comedy that is quickly becoming a symbol in the city. A smart script,for witty minds, where the viewers propose their own stories. It takes place four nights a week in the historic Rozentheater, located in the famous neighborhood, Jordaan.

“Tablao Flamenco” in Madrid – this proposition is one of Spain’s most prestigious “tablaos” (flamenco hall). The Corral de la Moreria. It has a great reputation, online users highly recommend their service. Very authentic. It’s not as touristy as it seems. The dancing, singing, and the guitars are all good quality. Also the food is highly valued (try the salmorejo, the foie, the Pichón).


By the Travel 361º Immfly team.
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