Madrid, November of 2015 a�� Kira MirA?, Spanish actress and news reporter was born in Gran Canaria the 13th of March of 1980. She is currently acting in the theatrical play a�?el Nombrea�? in the theater AlcA?zar de Madrid (now Teatro Cofidis). She lives in Madrid since long ago and she is fascinated by the citya��s streets and about discovering new amazing spots.

One of this spots is the Restaurant El Lando.

a�?It is the typical lifelong restaurant, says Kira, traditional cuisine with luxury ingredients, simple, but exquisite. The owner, A?ngel, serves along with his offspring, the service is excellent and they take care in each of their customers.

Just after sitting down they welcome you with a tray of first class jamoncito sided with sliced tomatoes. The clams and the fish are fantastic. Absolutely remarkable.

You are allowed to stay after the meal and enjoy a beautiful sunset in the Garden of Las Vistillas, where the restaurant is located. The place is full of good vibesa�?.

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Editora��s note: Kira recommends this restaurant as a classic spot in Madrid. Of the family of the well-known Casa Lucio. It is a small, quiet restaurant, from my perspective somewhat smoother tan Casa Lucio. The pictures hanging in the wall attest the amount of famous people who have tried it: Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, Jeff Goldblum, Woody Allen, Bruce Springsteena�� it is also one of the favorite restaurant of Juan Carlos I; actually he once said a�?I dona��t know why I dona��t come more often because I love ita�?. Personally, there are three plates that will influence you for life: steak tartar, the callos and their unmatched scrambled eggs. Attention, you must book. It is almost always full.

How to book at El Lando.

Address: Plaza de Gabriel MirA?, 8, 28005 Madrid (La Latina)
Hours: 13: 00-16: 30, 20: 30-24: 00
Reputation: 90% positive reviews on TripAdvisor. Certificate of excellence.
Price: 40 a�� 50 a��
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