Madrid, January 2016 — We love Japanese food, why deny it. Ita��s great quality. The Japanese cuisine is known for its emphasis on seasonality of food (?��, shun), its quality and presentation of the ingredients. In fact, there must be a reason why the Japanese people live the longest in the worlda��

So this time our mission was to find the 4 most appealing Japanese restaurants in Madrid. We asked around, read reviews and opinions of users across multiple platforms and we tried a bunch of dishes. The result is this selection, take note:

1. Hattori Hanzo: ita��s not just any Japanese restaurant, but a genuine izakaya or Japanese tavern. Ita��s as close as to what you would find in Tokyo if you want a regular place to eat. Ita��s centrally located, on Gran Via. Remember, this is not your typical Japanese restaurant serving sushi, maki and such dishes.
Tempting dish: tuna tataki.
Budget: 25-30 a��
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2. Izakaya Han: small Japanese and Korean restaurant in Chueca. Excellent treatment, great value for price, fast, authentic and creative food. The truth is ita��s worth trying some of their Korean dishes like the Dolsot Bibimbap. Also notable are all the raw fish types they serve, no exception.
Tempting dish: the butterfish nigiri is delicious.
Budget: 15-20 a��, daily menu 12 a��.
Address: San Bartolome 10.
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3. Soy Restaurant: undoubtedly, to the best of our palate, this is the best sushi in Madrid. Located just a few meters from Chamberi Market, opposite the car park exit from the market. The owners are Pedro Espina and his Japanese wife called Tamayo.
Tempting dish: the bull sushi is spectacular.
Budget: tasting menu 60 a��.
Address: Calle Viriato, 58.
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4. Kabuki Wellington: if youa��re looking for the best Japanese cuisine restaurants in Madrid, this one always shows up in rankings. This is the first Japanese restaurant that earned a Michelin star in Spain. This is no doubt thanks to Ricardo Sanz, the creator of this place where they mix the Japanese and Mediterranean cultures, and the best of both cuisines.
Tempting dish: the bull sashimi served with Kobe is a highlight.
Average price: 60 a��
Address: C / Velazquez, 6.
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