Santiago de Compostela, November 2015 — The origin of this dish goes back to the time of the Goths, in the 7th century. Very popular among the pilgrims arriving in Santiago, since its preparation avoided contact of the ingredients with the road dust.

The thin crust is made of wheat flour, with lard and water. The filling can be prepared with different ingredients, usually sauteed, with onions and peppers. We visited several restaurants on the island in search of a good Galician empanada and we found it at:

Casa del Xantar O Dezaseis
Where: San Pedro, 16 a�� phone: 981 577 633


It is one of the best places to find traditional Galician meals. If you like the tuna empanadas, here they make some delicious ones. They also add red pepper and onions to it. Quite delicious! The serving is four portions, in case you want to share it. Their empanada has quite a thick dough. The place is very distinctive and that day they folded the tables away.

Price: 4,80 a�� per serving
Reputation: Certificate of Excellence on Tripadvisor

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