Pioneer of the European IFE Wireless industry, Immfly, is set and ready to take off on Airbus’ most reliable widebody aircraft, after announcing today that is has received an STC in less than 5 months.

16th December 2016 – Immfly’s unprecedented, industry-disruptive system continues its technological breakthrough onboard Airbus A-330, an aircraft spanning 200-440 seats, after the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has issued them the STC in record-breaking speed. This STC modification, which has been designed by Tenencia Aerospace, with the collaboration of XL Airways and Immfly, includes 5 to 6 new generation Wireless Access Points to provide an optimum coverage in the cabin. With this in their hands, Immfly is ready to make its first flight onboard XL Airways.

“We are extremely excited by the progress we’ve made in bringing this technology to the market, and to start offering our services to XL Airways’ passengers. Receiving this certificate makes us a stronger partner for the aviation industry, and we are committed to continue adding value to it while responding to the market demands”, states Alfredo Ibáñez, Immfly’s Chief Technology Officer. “We have an unrivalled understanding of the technical requirements of the IFE-C wireless market, and are ready to start immediately with any airline willing to add this new technology to their aircraft, no matter the type.”

Immfly’s digital solution has long been in the airline market onboard Iberia Express A-320, and ready to start flying with Volotea’s new A319 aircraft. The company continuously looks to bring its services to a broader industry in order to cover wider market needs, always willing to get closer to their objective of becoming the travel industry’s favorite on-board monetization partner, reaching 100 million connected passengers by 2018.

About Immfly

Headquartered in Barcelona, Immfly was founded in 2013 with the support of more than 50 influential multinational partners. The company is leading the development of on-board digital platforms within Europe, helping transport companies to strengthen their customer loyalty by increasing their “Net Promoter Scores” amongst passengers and encouraging the creation of new ancillary revenues through the sponsorship and e-commerce available on the platform.


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