Immfly welcomes major brands such as Rakuten, U-talk, American Express, Mondelez and Vodafone to sponsor its In-flight Entertainment System (IFE) onboard. The digital platform enables passengers to use their own devices (phones, tablets, and PCS) to access entertainment, travel guides and to book activities while flying.

Barcelona, 2nd November 2017.

The campaigns can be either online or offline, thereby ranging from channel sponsorship, branded content, to more sophisticated branding actions such as sampling or onboard events. IFE Wireless Solutions are flourishing, and so is Immfly’s advertising inventory.

Bring your message to new heights

Immfly, already a leading provider of in-flight sales and communications services in Europe, expects to reach 200 million connected passengers by 2019 following its partnerships with airlines which include carriers such as Iberia Express, Volotea, XL Airways and now easyJet.
The leading European low-cost airline has chosen Immfly as a strategic partner to launch their new innovative wireless in-flight entertainment service, “Air Time”. This is a unique opportunity for brands to exhibit its value and promote themselves with Immfly at 30.000 feet.

Relationship Marketing onboard

According to Media Life Magazine, “The rate of retention of advertising onboard an aircraft is 79%, the highest of all media. Advertising onboard generates more than 25% of the positive brand impact on the intention to buy”.
The digital platform offers a unique and absolutely innovative advertising solution that is able to spread messages, value, and news where others can’t reach.
The in-flight digital advertising industry is growing YoY at a 3 digits speed, which opens great possibilities for the future“, asserts Samuel Gombervaux, Chief Revenue Officer at Immfly and former Head of Advertising at Google.

An endless world of content and entertainment onboard

Passengers are able to choose from a rich selection of best-selling audiobooks and eBooks, interactive maps, digital retail catalogues, and much more. Quality content is curated from leading providers including FOX Nontheatrical, Euronews and other media brands favored by British and European customers. Some of the entertainment titles available in easyJet’s IFE includes TV titles such as superhero series Legion, comedy Modern Family as well as a range of family favorites and box office hits. Moreover, content covers multiple languages including English, German, French, Spanish and Italian and feature fresh new services such as onboard language tutorials, specific content for children, chat, etc.

Some interesting facts:

At the moment the platform counts with:
-Over 1 million users;
-More than 420.000 units of samples offered to passengers in marketing campaigns in 2017;
-More than 2.5 million promotional e-mails sent after a flight;
-More than 5 million pre-rolls watched;

Immfly’s digital platform is present in 114 destinations, with 370.000 annual routes, and currently, reach 11 million passengers.

About Immfly

Headquartered in Barcelona, Immfly was founded in 2013 by Pablo Linz and Jimmy Martínez von Korff, with the support of more than 50 influential multinational partners. The company is leading the development of internet connectivity ready onboard digital platforms within Europe, helping transport companies to strengthen their customer loyalty by increasing their “Net Promoter Scores” amongst passengers and encouraging the creation of new ancillary revenues through sponsorship and e-commerce strategies linked to their in-flight entertainment and services platform.

For more information about Immfly:

Tel. +34 935 991 913