The digital entertainment and services platform in partnership with Iberia Express, Volotea and XL Airways continues to expand its business horizons partnering with the Spanish cruise company Trasmediterranea

Barcelona, 3rd of August 2016A�- Immfly, leading the development of on board digital platforms in Europe, has now announced its first cruise line partnership with Trasmediterranea, which has been connecting the main Spanish ports for almost a century. The platform is fully functional on three of their ferries since June, namely Tenacia, Snav AdriA?tico and Fortuny, operating routes between mainland Spain, the Balearic Islands, and northern Africa.

This will be the first time for Immfly to be implemented in a cruise. “Partnering with Trasmediterranea offers us the opportunity to perform in a completely new setting, where our platform coexists with a connectivity based environment for the first time, complementing the Internet access with the latest entertainment channels easily available for download”, declares Jimmy M. von Korff, co-founder of Immfly. “Moreover, expanding into new markets will serve us to consolidate our position as european leader in providing sales channels and entertainment onboard for the travel industry.”

Both companies have strategically agreed on launching the on board solution during summer season, considering that during vacations the volume of leisure passengers increases significantly, predominating families that are going back home or tourists.

“We are very excited to bring our company’s on board services one step further with the offering of Immfly’s entertainment services”, declares Juan Manuel Caballero, CTO and CIO of Trasmediterranea. “Implementing this digital solution on board is a very innovative concept within the Maritime Industry, which will objectively enhance our passengers’ on board experience and will differentiate us from our competitors.”

As for the technology involved, Alfredo IbA?A�ez, CTO of the Barcelona based company, Immfly, explains that each boat includes one server, which is readily installed in 1 day, and allows for the inclusion of around 10 wireless access points, depending on each boat. Every time the ship is in the harbour, the passenger data is processed and analysed for better understanding of user behaviour and to help optimise the operations.”

The platform is available in the common areas and in the premium cabins of some cruises, enabling passengers to connect to Immfly’s wireless network via their personal electronic devices to access a wide variety of entertainment content such as movies, series, news, kids channels, TV Shows, music videos and magazines, available in Spanish, English, and for the first time, French and Catalan. They can choose to access the platform for free with a time limitation of 30 minutes, or to pay a symbolic amount of money either via the platform or via vouchers available for sale on board, to have unlimited access to the platform. In order to assure that all passengers are rapidly familiarised with the platform, diverse informative communication assets, such as digital screens, seat-back and headrest stickers or voice announcements are implemented on board.

About Trasmediterranea
Trasmediterranea is a Ferry Services Spanish Company that is leading the cruise liner industry in Spain operating passengers and cargo ferries between mainland Spain and the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, Morroco and Algeria. The company currently owns and operates a fleet of 21 vessels (ferries, high speed ships, and cargo ferries). Next year they will celebrate their 100th anniversary since they started offering their services.

About Immfly
Headquartered in Barcelona, Immfly was founded in 2013 with the support of more than 50 influential multinational partners. Immfly helps airlines successfully fulfill their digital aspirations from the company’s advanced in-flight digital solutions that increase customer loyalty by boosting Net Promoter Scores amongst passengers and helping create new ancillary revenues via platform sponsorship and e-commerce services. Immfly’s goal is to be the preferred monetization service platform for the travel industry, reaching 100 million yearly connected on-board passengers by 2018.

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