A powerful management tool that Immfly developed thinking about its partners: the client self-access portal that empowers the airline to check and manage its own data (collected from the main metrics and KPIs) of Immfly onboard digital services platform.

Immfly Active gives the airline a flexibility and dynamism never had before, and this is only possible thanks to the combination of services offered: the remote synchronization with the aircraft on a daily basis, and the client’s access tool Immfly Active.

Boston, MA, 26th September 2018. The self-access portal empowers airlines with data related to passengers and platform’s performance and provides monitoring and management tools that add true autonomy to the airline. There is no more need for third parties to analyze and interfere in customer’s data, feedback, or platform’s performance, airlines can now have all the information needed, first hand.

Monitoring & data info tool

Once inside the portal, the client will find an intuitive dashboard that shows the main KPIs such as the client’s access ratio, number of visitors, and many others. There are filters available to customize views for data analysis and comparison. It is possible to filter these data per time-frame (last month data, week, day e.g.), or per aircraft, flight, and compare old reports versus recent ones, to analyze the variances and change of behaviors. All of that empowers the airline with a wide and accurate vision of its services’ performance and helps to make better decisions in the future.

Monitoring & data info tool

Aircraft Health shows the airline a list of the aircraft equipped with Immfly digital services, and here can be monitored the flight status through an interactive operational map. There are four distinct status based on tracking variables, that exist to control the compliance of the SLA (service level agreement).

Management tool

The survey management is a self-management tool that allows an airline to develop, manage, edit, publish or unpublish different surveys in Immfly’s platform, in a quick and easy way: from the airline’s desk to passengers hands. Now, airlines can access the results of the surveys “live” or download them for a further analysis. Plus, there is the possibility to integrate this data with the airline’s own survey management tool or CRM systems.

Management tool

Apart from the movies, TV shows, press & magazine sections, airlines tend to have their own microsite at Immfly onboard platform. There, they can include and manage all type of content: announcements, campaigns, promotions but also video, advertising, surveys or feedback. This content management tool enables airlines to manage that content by their own hands without third parties involved, giving them an higher flexibility, a greater autonomy and a guaranty of a constant update information.

Management tool

Advertising is an important slice of Immfly’s offer. Due to that, Adserver was created, a customer friendly tool to manage and check the status of advertising campaigns. The advertising department of an airline can now, track the campaigns, introduce all segmentation filters, as well as upload assets.

Maria Cardenal, Product & Digital Services Director at Immfly comments “ We believe that this tool ads a lot of value to the airline because is allowing a flexibility and a dynamism that it never had before. We have started with these four services following the needs of our customers, but we there is much more to come. Immfly Active will be the vehicle for many of the digital services that we are providing to our customers to support them on their onboard digital transformation”.

About Immfly:

Headquartered in Barcelona, Immfly was founded in 2013 by Pablo Linz and Jimmy Martínez von Korff, with the support of more than 50 influential multinational partners. The company is leading the development of internet connectivity, ready on-board digital platforms worldwide with focus in Europe, helping airlines to strengthen their customer loyalty by increasing their “Net Promoter Scores” amongst passengers, and encouraging the creation of new ancillary revenues through sponsorship and e-commerce strategies linked to their in-flight entertainment and services platforms.

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