After running successful tests this summer in 8 aircraft, the airline has committed to improving the passenger experience by introducing Immfly onto all aircraft in the coming months.

30th September, Barcelona – This next step for Immfly comes at a time of major growth for the company, with Managing Director, Gabriel Puig and the CEO and President of Iberia Express, Fernando Candela, jointly presenting the last months’ data at the World Aviation Festival 2015. This event, held in London on the 15th September, allowed them to raise awareness of the W-IFE solution and highlight Immfly’s positive impact on Iberia Express’ NPS (net promoter score) to an audience of aviation elite.

The internally developed entertainment platform is the first of its kind to be profitable in the European market. Immfly provides airlines with an opportunity to digitally revolutionize the passengers’ travel experience by offering over a 100 forms of sponsored entertainment (including TV shows and newspapers) tailored to each passenger; alongside unique destination specific deals and travel guides for over 150 European cities. Over 100,000 passengers have already enjoyed the app during their flights, with the average connection period lasting an average of 40 minutes.

Immfly is currently being successfully utilized by Iberia Express which is the first airline in Spain to offer this innovative service for their short to medium haul flights. Immfly provides partners with the opportunity to be one of the first involved in this promising and evolutionary sector since, at present, less than 5% of the aircraft currently operating in this range have in-flight entertainment and connectivity systems installed.

The Iberia Group’s low cost airline Iberia Express is revered for its high standards and excellent punctuality. Hence, Iberia Express presents itself as a perfect collaborator for Immfly, which maintains its position as the top media and advertising company in the digital in-flight channel, by providing the highest quality content management and the best solution with regards to technology, which is reliable and robust in terms of commercial agreements and is fully compatible with Internet Connectivity. On the market in English, Spanish and German, it is based around open Wi-Fi points on the aircraft allowing all travellers to connect simultaneously, with more than 80% of passengers who show interest in the platform signing up.

Users access the network via their personal devices, making this new service available to the 98% of passengers who already travel with a Smartphone, laptop or tablet and removing the need to install in-seat monitors across an airline’s entire fleet.

Immfly was founded towards the end of 2013 in Barcelona and with the support of over 50 influential multinational partners including; Atresmedia Television, BBC, Bloomberg News, Vodafone, EsMadrid, Financial Times, Euronews, and Tripadvisor, Immfly has its eyes firmly set on 2018, when they vision to have 1,000 aircraft operating the system and 200 million passengers flying with Immfly.

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