London, January 2016 — This is not a joke. If you decide to travel to London, you can take a train and head to the town of Watford (about 30 kilometers outside the city), where youa��ll reach the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London. In other words, the theme park of the famous wizard, Harry Potter. A highly recommended plan especially if you travel with your family. It opened in 2012 on what was before an airfield. Ita��s a great park. It has several rooms full of spare props from movies: costumes, masks, latex prosthetics, magic wands, flying broomsticks (including the famous Nimbus 2000), Hagrid’s motorbike, etc.

The total surface of the park ita��s 14,000 square meters. All of it a Harry Potter universe. Ita��s so well designed that youa��ll feel like a protagonist of the film. Among others there are the Great Hall, Dumbledore’s office, Diagon Alley with the wand shop or the magiciansa�� bank, the Gryffindor common room and, above all, at the end of the tour, the giant model of 15 meters in diameter, built at a 1:24 scale, used to recreate the general shots of Hogwarts.

How to book your tickets: if the idea is tempting, this is our suggestion for a family plan to see Harry Potter. We found a great offer on Viator with a 20% discount: for 75 a�� you get the double-decker bus transfer and the ticket. Anywhere you look, the reviews are highly positive. For example on Tripadvisor they have 20,000 ratings and almost all are very good or excellent.


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