Madrid, November 2015 — No matter what they say, youa��ve got to be careful. The crisis is still hovering over our heads. They say ita��s over, but you go out with 20 a�� and they disappear like magic, as if a someone had gotten into your pocket.

Thata��s why we thought of searching for 3 options where for eating well in Madrid (and cheap, of course). These are 3 good restaurants, with mostly positive ratings, located in different neighborhoods of the city:

Mediterranean cuisine in Chueca – Ex Libris (Calle de las Infantas, 29)
This is a very good choice if you go to Chueca. This restaurant is located in a hotel (to access it, you have to go through reception). Nice atmosphere, pretty quiet. Fast and very friendly service. And the food is delicious, good raw ingredients and proper preparation.
Favorite dish: Iberian pork burger with Ex Libris sauce.
Price: Book here with 40% discount on the menu. 18 a�� per person.

A Gastrobar in La Latina – Restaurant Korgui
The Korgui restaurant combines tapas (an art of Madrid) with Mediterranean cuisine, adding a touch of Mexican and Japanese cuisines. You will be surprised. Located in the city center, in the Old Madrid. A pedestrian area in the old and traditional Madrid. A promenade that youa��ll enjoy.
Favorite dish: vegetable tempura with chipotle aioli.
Price: they have a tasting menu for 19.90 a�� (regular price, 42 a��).

An Italian at the Opera – Grazie Mille Kitchen
An Italian style bar. Very traditional atmosphere. Graceful presentation of the dishes. Eggplant parmigiano, oven roasted provolone, and the gigantic ravioli with seafood flavor, stuffed with lobster. Right on calle Mayor.
Favorite dish: Tiramisu, no doubt.
Price: there is a 20% discount on the menu.14.40 a�� per person.

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