Amsterdam, February 2016 – Ita��s a charming perspective. The architecture in Amsterdam, dating from the 16th and 17th centuries, is very original, especially the buildings along the canals. When you pass by boat in front of their facades ita��s like being in an outdoor museum: bridges, windows, ornaments, balconies. Ita��s impressive.

There are various companies that organize these mini-cruises, especially concentrated near the Central Station and next to the museum area, on the Singelgracht canal. Here at Immfly we suggest this offer. A 75-minute tour in which they will show important sights along the way, such as the Anne Frank House, the most important churches and museums and some curiosities about the bridges (like the only canal having 7 completely aligned bridges).

Our recommendation for a boat trip in Amsterdam:

– A Cruise to see the best sights of Amsterdam.

Ita��s a relaxing environment, you see everything up close (very easy to take photos too), it has several departures a day, and they also have an audio system to listen to the guide telling stories about the canals and the city. Really interesting. A great experience, and think that if ita��s good weather you can enjoy most of the tour outdoors, as the boats have the back open. Of course, pay close attention to low and narrow bridges, dona��t stick out too mucha��


By Luis Marti, Editor Travel 361A? Immfly.
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