A sneak preview of this week’s Aircraft Interiors Expo: Immfly reveals its 100% secure DRM developments together with its partner FOX. The company is the first to implement this groundbreaking technology worldwide: the web-based DRM technology is now available in Android systems (Widevine) and more recently, also, in IOS systems (Fairplay).

Barcelona, 09 April 2018.

Just a day before the latest edition of the Aircraft Interiors Expo, which will take place in Hamburg this 10th, 11th and 12th of April, Immfly reveals the latest in its alliance with Fox Non-Theatrical. With their innovative technologies, Immfly is the first company to ensure 100% security and protection of content onboard its digital platform, with web-based DRM technology in Android systems and now, more recently, also in IOS systems.

Immfly is proud to be the first to offer passengers the opportunity to view a wealth of protected entertainment content via web-browsers on their personal devices. With the new innovation there is no need to download an app in advance, and providers such as FOX ensures their content is fully protected and secure.

These latest developments enhance the passenger experience as more passengers seamlessly connect onboard without having to download applications before taking off. A larger audience connecting to the platform also contributes to Immfly’s ability to boost revenues and create ancillary revenue streams with its digital in-flight e-commerce and sponsorship services.

“We are proud to be the first company that ensures a high-quality platform with secure web-based content, which we are able to do thanks to FOX’s innovative mindset to meet the market and consumer trends and demands” explained Vicent Tomasoni, Chief Customer & Digital Services Officer.

Partners since 2017, FOX has worked in partnership with Immfly recognizing it as a reliable IFE platform from one of the most advanced companies in the sector. The alliance is now more secure than ever, thanks to Immfly’s web-based DRM technologies. The high-performance digital platform offers great flexibility as a result of its dynamic and wide-ranging digital functionalities and content designed to engage customers inflight.

Entertainment now onboard from FOX includes the series Legion and the comedy show Modern Family, as well as hit films like The Revenant.

Rakuten TV, one of the leading video-on-demand platforms in Europe focused on movie new releases and with more than 5 million users in the continent, a global leader in Internet services with more than one billion members worldwide, will provide the platform with a selection of books, and a selection of popular kids programs.

In this collaboration, Immfly is helping deliver another step in the path to full connectivity as part of its pioneering strategy focused on enabling a 360A? relationship with customers connected for interaction during their entire journey. Last year, Immfly tripled the number of aircraft boarded, after enjoying partnerships with airlines such as EasyJet, Iberia Express, Volotea, among others.

This is just the first of the many exciting opportunities, announcements and innovations for the sector that Immfly is bringing to this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo, where they will be present for the fifth year running this coming 10th, 11th and 12th of April.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) via the Web browser

Immfly is the first company covering and ensuring 100% security and protection of the content onboard its digital platform. The web-based DRM technology in Android systems (Widevine) and most recently, the web-based DRM technology available now also in IOS systems (Fairplay), allows the protection of content from FOX, from being stolen or copied.

Fox Non-Theatrical

A global leader in licensing feature film and television content for inflight entertainment from the strongest brands: Twentieth Century Fox, FOX TV, FX, National Geographic, BlueSky Studios, BabyTV, FOXLife, and much more. Fox Non-Theatrical offers unparalleled variety and diversity to clients across the world.


About Immfly:

Headquartered in Barcelona, Immfly was founded in 2013 by Pablo Linz and Jimmy Martínez von Korff, with the support of more than 50 influential multinational partners. The company is leading the development of internet connectivity, ready on-board digital platforms worldwide with a focus in Europe, helping transport companies to strengthen their customer loyalty by increasing their a”Net Promoter Scores” amongst passengers, and encouraging the creation of new ancillary revenues through sponsorship and e-commerce strategies linked to their in-flight entertainment and services platforms.

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