Vigo, December 2015 –A� Wea��ll outline a basic route that we took, from the center, passing by the old town, the Mount O Castro and to the port. A sensational 14-hour tour in Vigo:

9am – we started on the pedestrian Principe street. Ita��s a commercial area. Worth visiting MARCO (Museum of Contemporary Art of Vigo) and seeing the famous statue of El Sireno. A block in which most foundations and cultural centers of Vigo concentrate. You cannot see them all in one day, but you can pick some of the most interesting exhibits.

Suggestion: a homemade breakfast at La Matina.

11am – we then go exploring the fascinating chaos of the old town (streets, squares, alleys and stairs going up and down) also known as A Pedra, where we can see the willow crafts of Cestos street, or get closer to the seafood stalls. If you have a bit of time, the Central Public Library makes for a great visit.

Suggestion: a roast ham sandwich at O Porco.

5pm – in the afternoon, a great choice is to go up to Mount O Castro (Charlie Rivel Park). It’s a bit steep, it takes about 15 minutes, but ita��s well worth it. From here you can get the best views of the Ria de Vigo. There are two unmissable points: the ruins of a medieval castle and the forts, ancient Celtic constructions.

Suggestion: have dinner at the restaurant of Hotel Nagari.

11pm – to end the day, go down towards the sea, around La Alameda and Montero RA�os, a pedestrian street in the Ensanche neighborhood, with some of the best terraces in the center of Vigo.

Suggestion: have a cocktail and listen to some live music at Uno EstA?.


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